The NFT-Shirt has been successfully added to your NFTs for the next 24 hours:
#NFT owner
Rental time: 4 hours

Training time: 1 x per day
Conditions: You get 50% of the earned rewards.

Enjoy your workout & have fun with your new NFT-SHIRT!
You can rent an NFT-SHIRT for a workout in the next 4 hours:
If you don't have your own NFT-Shirt yet, you can rent it here.

30% of the earnings are retained by the system to giving you always a freshly washed NFT-Shirt with full performance.
The rest is divided by a 40/30 split between the owner and you.

You must start and finish your workout within the next 4 hours from your rental.
The specs, rarity and performance of the individual NFT-Shirt will be randomly assigned to you.

All NFT-Shirts have the same probability for maximum fairness.
You can only rent 1 NFT-Shirt within 24 hours.Only rent the NFT-Shirt if you actually use it for a real workout.
If the NFT-Shirt remains unused or we measure no significant calorie consumption, the system will block you from renting another NFT-Shirt within 24 hours for fair play reasons.

If you don't want to use your NFT-Shirt for your own training, you can rent it out.
Please note that the NFT-Shirt must be freshly washed.

30% of the CAL-Tokens generated by the tenant's training are retained by the system.
The system washes the NFT-Shirt after each use and brings it back to full performance for maximum earnings.
The rest is divided by a 30/40 split between the tenant and you.
All NFT-Shirts are put into a renting pool one after another and are distributed among the tenants randomly,
so that all NFT-Shirts in the pool have the exact same probability and frequency of rent, for maximum fairness.

The tenant has 4 hours after the rental to complete his workout.
If this does not happen, the shirt will be returned to the first position in the rental pool.
Each shirt can only be rented a maximum of 1 time within 24 hours.

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